Black Ops So Far....

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Black Ops So Far....

Post  POV on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:26 pm

Hi All,

Black Ops has been out a few weeks now... How are we liking it???
Personally, I am loving it!!! Haven’t played too much Campaign but finding that fantastic at the moment… Zombies & Dead Ops Arcade-DOA (Info further down), AMAZING! Love playing DOA, generally reach level 21+ by myself!! Multi-Player is more realistic, so please if you thinks it’s too realistic, shut the f*ck up, I don’t want to hear it! Lol Overall, an amazing game, Kudos Treyarch

Multi-Player: Weapons, Perks, Maps, General Info

I'll start of with an easy Xbox Live Achievement & also a gamer picture, this is thanks to Hobo & Viper!!

These first 3 are all done at the very start of loading your disc.
1: Once you have loaded your Black Ops disc, Press Start, you should have the main screen up: Campaign, Multi-Player, Zombies... you can look around the room, look down at your hands & tap the Left & Right Trigger 2 or 3 times each... Your hands should break free & stand up - Achievement Unlocked...
2: Once you are standing free, over on the left wall you'll see a computer, move over to it and interact with it using *X* this will unlock a Gamer Picture...
3: Dead Ops! … Once you have broken free and are standing at the computer, hold *X* to access the pc, type in *DOA* the hit enter… That unlocks a little arcade game called Dead Ops… fantastic little game! Once unlocked you can play it through Private Match, can support up to 4 people.. ( oh, when everybody is dead, it’ll play a short film.. Who ever has the highest score... WATCH IT lol)
4: Type in GRUE or ZORG ( Can't remember which ), apprently is a text adventure game
Again, thanks go out to Hobo & Viper for these..

So far in my Black Ops experience I have reached 2nd prestige, almost 3rd now… In that time i have played many different game types, tried out many of the guns/perks & toured the maps...

Guns & Perks
After using the M16 starter class i have continued using that as my primary weapon, unlike CoD4 & CoD6 it's power has been greatly reduced, taking on average 2 bursts & sometimes 3 bursts for a kill. Using a Reflex Sight & Suppressor/Dual Mags (switch between the 2 depending on the game type I’m playing) with upgraded cross-hairs. Personally i’m finding the reflex a lot easier to use and control my shots, I didn’t mind the red dot at all just found reflex better.. Huge fan of the custom cross-hairs!! I have two favourites at the moment *X With Dot* & *Outer Crosshairs*. *X With Dot* is fantastic inside buildings and small maps, but unfortunately found it harder to focus on the enemy from a distance, will try the *X* later tho, see if things improve! The Gun Camouflage, Reticle Colour, Gun Emblem & Gun Clan Tag adds a very nice touch to personalizing your guns!! +1 to Treyarch on that!

I have recently become a massive fan of the AK-74u, very light gun, minimal recoil, high powered!! Whilst using Warlord I am using Reflex sight & Extended mags… fantastic running class when using Lightweight & Marathon combined… Taking on average 3-4 bullets anywhere on the enemies body, 2 shots to the chest does the trick nicely.. but even on the run, you can jst spray them even from a distance still getting the kill… What I find best with this gun ( like any semi/full automatic gun ), I double tap the trigger, reducing any possibly recoil within the gun!! With my reflex sight, I am currently using the *3 Dots* sight, give it a try, you’ll be surprised how well it works…

Perk 1. Ghost (Cold-Blooded). Whilst the game is still new and everybody keeps getting Spy Planes, the Ghost perk helps out due to being Undetectable by the Spy Plane & Blackbirds. Looking forward to Ghost Pro – Undetectable by all Aircraft, Dogs, IR & Sentries. Also no Red Crosshair or Name shown. Then switch between Lightweight & Scavenger.. or I’ll use Lightweight, being able to move across the map quickly has made things a lot easier whilst playing the objective type games, also with Lightweight Pro (No fall damage) gotta love diving around the map, out windows & around corners with a nice surprise attack on the enemy! Also a big favourite, Hardline /Pro.. Using this perk requires 1 less kill to achieve your killstreaks… Pro, your are able to * Double-Tap * any create that gets drop… E.G SAM Turret gets called in, double-tap it, you could get Dogs… or ammo :/
Perk 2. Warlord (Bling). I’m not a fan of the Iron Sights on almost all guns, so first thing I get is the Reflex Scope. Having the Suppressor or Dual Mags always helps out… I’ve already got Warlord Pro, thinking I’ll start using Hardened – Bullets Penetrate Better (basically FMJ, but closest thing to Stopping Power). What really has taken my interest in the perk is the Pro features – Increased Damage to aircrafts & turrets, reduced flinch & recoil when shot. Reduced flinch & recoil, this is a huge advantage whilst in a gun fight!
Perk 3. Ninja. Nice upgrade from MW2, straight of the bat Ninja give you silent movement, which used to be a part of the pro feature! Ninja Pro is Completely Silent (when jumping, reloading/changing guns) & louder to enemies (Sit Rep Pro). Just been looking at the Second Chance perk (Last Stand), the Pro feature is what enticed me… Survive Longer whilst down & any teammate can revive you! Thinking that Pro, used in a S&D match would be a massive advantage when used right! Just depends on how long it takes to revive.. or even Marathon, again like Lightweight in Perk 1, being able to move around the map a lot faster, especially with Marathon Pro (unlimited sprint)…

There are many more fantastic Weapons & Perks to be utilised, use what works for you & the gametype…
Let us know what your Gun Loadout is… Myself, always like to try what others use, see how I go with it..

Match-Making Servers, F*CKING HELL TREYARCH… YOU HAVE MAJORLY FAILED…. Searching every single time you are in lobby for a new/better host… it checks the strength of the internet line you have, not to how strong your upload MB speed… f*cking bullshit… I could rant of for a long time, but cbf’d atm…

Prestige…. A few things to let you all know who haven’t just yet…
Things you will lose… Your CoD points will be reset, so buy things like PlayerCard Layers, Emblems & Back Layers… All weapons, perks, sights, camos, gun clan tag/emblem, face paints….
Things you will keep / get… Custom class.. Unlock new PlayerCard emblems.. Sight crosshairs..

Maps… Treyarch has failed on one of their biggest promises.. SPAWNS.. Treyarch put out to the public, if we can come up with a better spawning system, go for it.. Seems like they haven’t done the best job of it…. 30% of the time the spawns are completely f*cked!! But.. other than that, they have done a great job with all maps… I can’t quiet pick a favourite map… But what about you??

Sniper Rifles.. Finally a FPS where the sniper rifles are REALISTIC!! Quick scoping can get f*cked… yes I liked it in MW2.. but think about it.. sh*t like that aint possible in real life.. What I’m saying is I prefer it when sniping, it does require you to sit your ass down and take your time… shooting from a distance! Not walking around a corner and being owned by a sniper rifle! Treyarch forums had close to 4,500 replies on *1* post regarding quick scoping… personally I believe the game would be a lot better without it!

Cybergamer.. quick note, please go to your account & accept any request I have sent you.. Also, if you wish to apart of any of the following teams, please request to join it…
Or, go to this link, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] & comment about what team you want to join…

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